Magnesium Property Project

SIA has been looking for a permanent location since its founding in the fall of 2015. In the spring of 2019, the facility at 777 E Magnesium Rd was identified and chosen by the board as the most viable option for SIA's future. The property consists of a 3-story office building built in 1988 situated on 32 acres, roughly 7 of which SIA will occupy. 

This site will allow SIA to consolidate its K-8 program and pursue smart growth at a location in its targeted geographic area. For SIA to locate at this new property SIA must transfer its charter contract from Spokane Public Schools to the Washington State Charter Schools Commission (WSCSC). Both the WSCSC and the State Board of Education have approved the transfer and SIA will enter into its new contract with the commission on August 25th, 2020.

The first floor has a full commercial kitchen, cafeteria and various office and classroom spaces. The second and third floors are mainly open office space currently. SIA will develop the 1st and 2nd floor for the K-8 program and leave the 3rd floor as office space and unimproved during the 1st phase of construction. Improvements will include new walls/doors for classrooms and admin spaces, additional restrooms, upgraded fire/life/safety systems, new lighting and controls, additional required ventilation, and new finishes. The school will also be performing site improvements, primarily involving addition of parking and a location for pick-up/drop off area in coordination with the property owner's plans for the rest of the property.

Project Management - Washington State Charter School Development (WCSD)

Architect - D3 Architects

General Contractor - TW Clark

Total Enrollment - 900 (grades K-8)

Total Space - 101,370 sq. ft.