As we look at what will definitely be an unprecedented school year, we wanted to capture all of our plans in one place for staff, families and the community to access. 
Bringing students back to campus:
SIA began to bring our students back to campus starting with our kindergarteners on Oct. 12th. In order to ensure that the reintroduction of students to in-person learning is successful, we will be doing this one grade level at a time. The SRHD has updated their guidance around elementary students re-engaging in in-person learning. 
We are going to implement a strong plan of action on campus to ensure that we do everything in our control to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at SIA. We ask that you too do everything within your control to do the same at home. Please partner with us in keeping our school healthy this year by keeping your child home when they show symptoms that are similar to those of people with COVID-19 (Temperature above 100.4, nausea, coughing/sneezing, etc.).
If you have any specific questions related to our response to bringing students back to campus, or the safety measures we are putting in place, please contact Nate Pelton, Associate Principal, at
Click the picture below to view the reopening plans for SIA.
To visit our SIA Parent Distance Learning Page click HERE
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Technology Assistance

Are you having issues logging into one of our programs? Do you have questions about your child's Chromebook, or need us to fix it? Please fill out the form and our staff will connect with you to answer your questions.
Technology Assistance

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