SIA also offers a variety of teacher/parent-led student clubs/teams that meet throughout the week after school. See below for opportunities for your student to get involved with some pretty cool activities at SIA. Students must obtain a permission slip from the club organizer and returned it signed to the organizer before they will be allowed to participate.


Students will need to be in good behavior/academic standing and have demonstrated hard work in their classroom during the day to be eligible for participation in after school clubs. 

Chess Team

Led by Chris Vogel, SIA parent, students learn the ins and outs of the amazing game of chess. Students will learn the history of the game, the functions of all the pieces and gain the skills necessary to compete at high levels with their school peers and against others in the state. Students are not required, but will be encouraged, to participate in a competition during the year.

Math is Cool Club

Led by Melanie Lilly, SIA Middle Academy math teacher, students are challenged to stretch their math abilities and become the true "mathletes" they are. All students who participate in Math Club will be required to compete at the Math is Cool competition for their grade/math level.