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SIA Staff 2023-2024

Meet the team responsible for implementing our mission of developing global citizens ready to transform their communities.

(Click a team member's name to contact them)

Executive Team


Head of School

248241158_Wilkerson Brook ST.png

Chief Operations Officer


Chief Financal Officer / Human Resources

School Leadership

248234103_Pelton Nathan STF.png

Associate Principal K-5

248308278_Sanders Mathias ST.png

Associate Principal 6-11

248267553_Pariseau Jackie ST.png

Director of Special Education

Battiata, Russ.webp

Director of Operations

248288399_McGee Caryn STF.png

Director of Curriculum and Instruction


248259528_Albright Jayde STF.png

4th-7th Counselor

248273984_Bean Matt STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248272132_Brown Brianna STF.png

Special Education

248252815_Butler Zachary STF.png

HR/Data Entry Specialist

248282712_Drake Franca STF.png

1st Grade

248289819_Goodrow Catlin STF.png

3-5 Literacy Coach

248291718_Hansen Rick STF.png

IT Manager

248258610_House Ian STF.png

Food Service Professional

248278726_Krause Kelly STF.png

1st Grade

248283711_May Chad STF.png

8th-10th English

248288084_Monreal Victoria S.png

6th-7th Science

248263097_Reyes Serrano Walte.png

Spanish 1-3

248287846_Ruhnke Catherine S.png

7th-8th Math


Instructional Assistant

248247466_Sutton James STF.png

Facilities and Maintenance Manager

248258349_Tomeo Chibron STF.png


248259985_Yost David STF.png


248253391_Berry Misty STF.png

2nd Grade

248263741_bosley Holly STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248258863_Copeland Tabatha S.png

MS/HS Counselor

248280781_Flory Dany STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248272589_Graham April STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248264894_Harvey Rachel STF.png

Spanish 1-3

248282301_Hunter Shane STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248290868_Leija Tonya STF.png

K-2nd Intervention

248262290_McGiveran Kim STF.png


248288683_Morris Shannon STF.png

Math Coach

248272864_Platt Ryan STF.png

4th Grade

248248372_Riordan-Rodgers Lil.png

Social Studies 6&7

248284703_Sampson Alexis STF.png

7th-9th Math

No Picture Placeholder_edited.jpg

Kitchen Assistant

248237403_Talkington Kelly S.png

Front Office Manager

248274525_Traen Todd STF.png

5th Grade

248268518_Wang Sissi STF.png

K-3 SpEd Teacher

248281805_Altmaier Nicole ST.png

Instructional Assistant

248256418_Bilesky Seth STF.png


No Picture Placeholder_edited.jpg

Instructional Assistant

248262025_Chavez Christine S.png


No Picture Placeholder_edited.jpg


248269649_Feight Tracey STF.png

SpEd 4-7 Teacher

248286167_Grainger Spencer S.png

Global Perspectives

248265855_Hatkic Esma STF.png

Kitchen Assistant

248242456_Hyde Robert STF.png

7th-10th History

248266857_Lively Monica STF.png

4th Grade Teacher

248270818_Melton Carmel STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248271852_O_rourke Erin STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248271230_Powell Aubrey STF.png

Speech Language Pathologist

248241901_Robinett Jordan ST.png

Nutrition Services

Schubring, Joe.webp

6th Grade Math

248264293_Tremblay Arica STF.png

Building Substitute

248239085_Webb Teresa STF.png

School Nurse

248238292_Amram Lial STF.png

Front Office Assistant


Instructional Assistant

Francis, Jessica.webp

Kitchen Manager


Instructional Assistant


Instructional Assistant

248270279_KARKI DB STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248273540_Madsen James STF.png

5th Grade Teacher

248254350_Miller Kelly STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248279292_Parker Ashton STF.png

1st Grade

248265516_Pschaida Tiara STF.png

Spanish 1&2

248243373_Seideman Dalaney S.png

7th-8th English

248254815_Steinwand Ana STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248260904_Thompson Chiahui S.png

Business Manager

248280276_Artz Alexandria ST.png

Instructional Assistant

248267891_Breen Ben STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248259111_Buchmann Cassey ST.png

School Counselor

248283297_Cook Olivia STF.png

7th ELA/Highly Capable

248266150_Dodd Rylie STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248273257_Garrett Sara STF.png

5th Grade


Front Office Assistant

248251243_Keast Myra STF.png

Executive Assistant to Head of School

248255680_Mayo Heather STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248289550_Rountree Kathleen.png

K-2 Literacy Coach

Shaw, Kayla.webp


248254066_Thorne Kaylin STF.png

Instructional Assistant

248285591_Tubiolo Taryn STF.png

8th-10th Science

248261281_Wolflick Zach STF.png


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