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Weather Related School Closures

Inclement Weather Procedures

Spokane International Academy will be open daily as scheduled, regardless of weather, unless a closure or late start announcement is made. We align our decision on whether to run as normal, delay the start of school or to be closed with the decision made by Spokane Public Schools. This is for the safety of staff and students and to allow for roads to be cleared, if necessary, before everyone is traveling to school.

Closure information will be:

  • broadcast by the local media at approximately 6 a.m.

  • posted on the SIA Facebook/Instagram account

  • posted on Bloomz as an alert

Inclement Weather Procedures

With safety or families and staff in consideration, inclement weather may cause school schedules to be adjusted as follows:

  • Bus Delays - School operates on the regular schedule with busses running late (will update on approximate pickup times as information 

  • 2-Hour Delay - School start time is delayed 2 hours and would start at 9:45 am (Breakfast will be served as grab and go for students interested). Busses will also be delayed 2 hours on these days.

  • School Closure - School is closed for the day and will be rescheduled during the school year on a date to be determined as necessary.

While safety is the primary concern, state law requires schools in Washington to be in session 180 days each year. If SIA closes school, days must be made up at a later time during the school year. We understand that the majority of our families have one or both parents/guardians working outside the home. Parents are always encouraged to consider the conditions of their neighborhood and the well being of their students in deciding whether to keep their student home. Absences that occur on delayed start days will be excused.


Early Dismissal Due to Weather

In rare cases it may be in the best interest of student and staff safety that we close school early for the day. This was necessary during intense windstorms in the past and when snow accumulation is expected to reach dangerous levels before buses would be able to safely transport students home at the end of a normal day. Should this happen, SIA will notify families via the information we have on file, Bloomz and any other available method.

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