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Student Uniforms

Students who attend SIA will be required to dress in their school uniform on a daily basis. The uniform policy is intended to assist in the creation of a positive culture in our school which is an integral part of our mission. By creating a reasonable and easy to follow dress code, we can minimize the visible differences that may be present due to socioeconomic status between students, promote a good attitude toward learning, and focus the students’ attention on schoolwork, not what they are wearing. This aspect of our school allows students to feel part of something that is larger than themselves, presents a professional attitude towards their education and serves as an visual example that we are all working together to accomplish the same things.

Online Uniform Ordering

Uniforms may be ordered throughout the year using our online store. Please see the SIA website for more information on uniform ordering. Only uniform polos ordered through our online store may be worn at school. Uniforms that are created using our logo and ordered through other vendors will not be allowed at SIA.

Click HERE to access the online store

Student Uniform Assistance

We realize purchasing uniforms can place a financial burden on families. We will always try to keep the polos reasonably priced to reduce as much of this burden as possible. If purchasing uniforms creates a financial burden for your family, please contact the main office to see what assistance the school may be able to provide. If your child grows out of their uniform and you would like to donate it to the school office, it would assist us in helping those who may not be able to afford uniforms.

Student Uniform Guidelines

Below are examples of appropriate student uniforms and descriptions for each type of clothing students may wear. All decisions about what is and is not appropriate dress code are at the discretion of the Spokane International Academy administrators. **All students are required to have at least one Navy Blue polo top.**

Student Tops


The school uniform is our red or navy blue polo shirts (short or long-sleeved). They may not wear a plain solid colored polo of these colors without our logo on it. Shirts must be size appropriate. All SIA students receive one navy blue uniform polo upon initial registration with the school.


If students choose to wear a jacket, zip-up, cardigan, hooded, or pullover sweatshirt during the day, it needs to be either purchased through our online store or be plain navy blue, red or black. Students are allowed to wear any SIA hooded or zip-up sweatshirt, long-sleeve pullover or  jacket available on our store so long as they are wearing their SIA polo underneath.

Student Bottoms


The school uniform bottom is khaki, navy blue or black dress pants, shorts or skirts. Hemlines for both boy’s and girl’s shorts/skirts must be no shorter than one inch above the knee.

Bottoms must also be size appropriate, free of any logos, writing or embellishments (sequins, etc.). No “cargo pants” or sweatpants allowed. Students may also not wear jeans or denim unless it is a designated non-uniform day. If students choose to wear a belt they must be either plain black or brown and worn appropriately, although a belt is not required. Leggings and tights worn under skirts must be plain white, navy blue or black.


Students will keep accessories to a minimum. Hoop earrings should not exceed the size of a quarter coin. Small nose stud piercings are acceptable, however, piercings of any other exposed body parts will need to be removed prior to coming to school. Students with “gauges” will not be allowed to exceed 6G (4.0mm).


Student Hair/Makeup

A student’s hair must be one, natural hair color, worn neatly, and in such a way that does not distract from the educational environment.


Long Sleeve Under Shirts/Jumpers

If a student chooses to wear a long sleeve shirt under their uniform polo, the shirt needs to be a plain, long sleeve shirt that is the same color as the polo they are wearing (red, grey or navy blue). Students are also allowed to wear jumpers over their polo shirts. Jumpers need to be either navy blue, black or khaki. 


Socks, Leggings, Tights, Shoes and Backpacks

Any visible socks, stockings, tights or leggings need to be either plain white, navy blue or black. Students need to wear or bring athletic shoes on a the days they have PE. If students choose to wear sandals, they must have a back on them per state law in case of emergency. Students may bring any backpack they choose. However, it must be free of depicting anything illegal, violent, illicit, suggestive or culturally insensitive in the form of logos, pictures, words or symbols.

**CLOTH MASKS/FACE SHIELDS for COVID-19 Spread Prevention

OSPI no longer requires that all staff and students wear a cloth mask throughout the school day. If a student chooses to wear a mask to limit or reduce the spread of illness, the mask must not depict anything illegal, violent, illicit, suggestive, or culturally insensitive in the form of logos, pictures, words, or symbols. This determination will be at the sole discretion of SIA staff.  Students can also retrieve a mask from the school nurse's office, if and when needed. 

Friday Dress Code

Students are allowed to wear an SIA t-shirt on Fridays. They must wear uniform bottoms on these days. 


Interpretation of Dress Code

Any interpretation of the dress code will be determined solely by the administration at Spokane International Academy including what dress might interfere with the educational process and items that present a safety hazard. Violations of the dress code will have assigned consequences and will be at the discretion of the administration. Any student who arrives at school that is not in proper dress will need to be in uniform prior to attending class for the day. This may include someone bringing them appropriate clothing. In some cases, our office may have clothes that fit a student. Students who borrow uniform items from the office must return them washed within one week of borrowing the item.

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