We have developed a transportation plan that will hopefully accommodate a majority of our families to the best of our ability. You will notice that the buses serve a large portion of the Spokane area. Due to limited transportation funding from the state, what is below is what we can responsibly offer.

The stops and times listed below are for both sites. Please make sure you are reading the list that is for your student. The first time listed is for pickup in the morning and the second is for drop off in the afternoon.

Bus Expectations:

All students using the bus will be expected to also display our REACH core values while they are waiting for the bus and riding the bus. Click HERE to review the bus expectations. Students who do not display our REACH values while using the bus will need to find alternate transportation in order to attend SIA.

Bus Registration:

In order for students to access the bus program at SIA they first need to register with the school. Some busses may be full and will not be able to accommodate extra unanticipated riders. Students who are not registered for the bus will not be able to ride. Students are also required to ride the busses for which they are registered. SIA will not accommodate a student switching busses for a day as that will cause a potential overage on that new bus.

After School:

It is important that you are at your child's bus stop ready to pick them up when they arrive. If you are not there the bus will drop your child off and continue to the next stop. We also ask that families are ready to pick up their child at the time school gets out if being picked up from school. Students waiting to be picked up will not be supervised after school and will need to wait for their ride outside of the building. Families who consistently pick students up late will be required to work with their child's principal to develop an alternate transportation plan.


Fridays: The bus will leave Spokane International Academy around 1:10 on Friday afternoons.