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REACH Values

Our staff believe in the intentional teaching of essential habits for being successful in a variety of contexts. We have used inspiration from the Habits of Mind to create our "REACH Values". These values, Respect, Enthusiasm, Achievement, Citizenship and Hard Work allow both students and staff to create a culture of achievement and community.

By teaching these core values authentically in the context of learning situations, students more firmly grasp these values, recognize their importance, and comprehend how embodying them leads to their success in any environment. 

Respect - We treat every person as they would want to be, or deserve to be, treated

Enthusiasm - We remain positive and are excited to learn and try new things

Achievement - We hold our teaching and learning to the highest standards and take pride in our work and the process of learning

Citizenship - We understand that everyone has a place in our community and a role to play in order for our community to function at its best

Hard Work - We never give up, regardless of the circumstances, because it is by persevering through difficulty that we become stronger.

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