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SIA Robotics - Phoenix Rising

How Can I Contribute?

SIA's robotics team needs your help!  Being so new, Team 9680 will need financial support to continue.  Any donated funds will be used to ensure that our team has adequate access to supplies (parts, tools, etc.) and is able to continue attending events such as the First Robotics tournaments across the Pacific Northwest.  As our team is relying on donations in order to achieve our goals, we would deeply appreciate a contribution from yourself or your organization.

Please click the button or scan the QR code to donate!

SIA is registered under 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible.  Please contact for questions regarding this.

If you would like to donate tools, please reach out to


~ SIA Phoenix Rising thanks you for your support ~


How Can I Get Involved?

Please contact Mr. Branting at to get involved!  Phoenix Rising is always looking for more students who'd like to participate or parent volunteers who are wanting to lend a hand.

SIA Robotics Logo Website Digital - Small.png
SIA Robotics Logo Website Digital - Small.png

The moniker "Phoenix Rising" was chosen by the students as a way utilize SIA's mascot, the phoenix, to represent rising to the challenge of starting a robotics team from scratch, and to showcase the drive to persevere despite this disadvantage.

Phoenix Rising, SIA's Robotics Team, fosters budding professionals in the areas of engineering, designing, management, public speaking, and more.

What is Phoenix Rising?

These talented individuals work together to create robots for First Robotics competitions that take place throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond!  This new program at SIA hopes to continue to advance our mission of empowering students who can become creative leaders in their fields.

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