Student Drop Off and Pick Up

In an effort to make student drop off and pick up as smooth as possible we have coordinated with the Spokane Police Department to develop a traffic flow pattern for these times. Given the fact that we will have anywhere from 100-150 cars dropping off and picking students up on a daily basis it is very important that all drivers follow our plan so that we can ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, students and their families.


Things we would ask you to please not do:

  • Drop off/pick up students in our parking lot. It is unsafe for cars to be driving through there before/after school due to the amount of students present.

  • Double park cars on Lacey St.

  • Turn right on Queen and exit by driving in front of the school. This space will be used for the bus and Northeast Youth Center to drop students off. 

  • Walk your child across the street without using the crosswalk. This causes significant safety issues for yourself and you child and it makes it harder for us to enforce using the cross walks with them.

  • Park in front of the driveways of people in the neighborhood. We have received complaints that people are not able to leave for work because someone is in their driveway.


Drop Off Times/Locations: Students may begin to be dropped off at 7:30 am. We ask that you please not drop your students off any earlier than this because we will not have staff at their posts yet to monitor those students and ensure their safety. 


Students who are riding the bus will enter the cafeteria for breakfast through the ramp in the front of the building. These are the only students who will be allowed to enter this way.