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Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off (AM)

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Pick Up (PM)

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The orderly arrival and dismissal of students is vital to ensuring that students arrive to, and leave, school safely. We promise to do our best to ensure that the lines move as smoothly as possible, but we need your help in making that happen. SIA will have approximately 775 students accessing our campus on a daily basis. Safety is the #1 focus during these windows of time, and really need your help in making sure that students, staff, and other community members remain safe at all times. 

Pick Up and Drop Off Expectations:

  • Right Turn ONLY out of the Parking Lot - We need all families to follow the right turn only during pick up/drop off times to allow traffic to flow in a much more efficient way. We know that it is more convenient for some of you to turn left to go where you need to go. We are asking that you don't do this as it will completely back up the flow.

  • Turning Left from Magnesium into our Parking Lot - If at all possible, we ask that families avoid turning left from Magnesium into our K-2 pick up/drop off area. This area gets very congested and turning left into the parking lot creates a challenge for cars wishing to travel east on Magnesium towards Nevada.

  • Arriving before 3:05 - We know that you all are anxious to get in line to pick up your child(ren). Right now, because so many of you are arriving very early, we have a stack of cars on Magnesium as early as 2:50. This is simply not safe for you or the other cars traveling on Magnesium. Our staff do an incredible job having all students in cars and gone by 3:30 at the absolute latest. We promise that if you show up around the time school gets out you will be able to get in and out quickly.

  • Stacking cars on Magnesium - We have spoken with SPD. Pulling to the side of Magnesium to wait in the drop off/pick up line is not illegal. We ask that if you are going to wait in line that way, that you pull over to the right as far as you can to make it safe for you and the other cars traveling on Magnesium.

  • Follow directions of the staff facilitating the process - Please, exercise patience with our staff and use REACH values as they guide you before and after school. They are there to make this as efficient as possible, and in doing so, may ask you to move your car up a little bit, or to do something else. Please work with us.

Locations for K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th and 6th-11th grade:

  • We have have separated the pick up/drop off zones for students in K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-11th grade, as indicated on the maps above. 

  • We ask that you stick to these zones as classroom teachers will be guiding their students that direction

  • K-2nd Grade and Siblings:

    • If you have siblings attending SIA, please have the older sibling meet the younger sibling at their designated drop off zone. Teachers will let them do this. For example, a 5th grade student with a kindergarten sibling would meet the kindergarten sibling at the spot their class waits in the K-2nd grade zone.

  • 3rd-5th Grade:

    • Students will be released for pick up at 3:05. Please see the map above and pick your students up in the designated areas.

  • 6th-11th Grade:

    • In the afternoon for pick up, parents of our Middle/High School students will be picked up at 3:05pm in the loop by the main field. Students will not be out to the loop for pick up until 3:05pm at the earliest, so please do not show up early as there will be no students ready to be picked up. Please pull forward in line to avoid back ups. We thank you for your patience as we work through these changes. 

We appreciate your feedback in improving our practices, and believe that parents are valuable members of our community. As we work towards achieving the process described above, we would appreciate that you connect with school staff about the drop off and pick up if you observe something that you feel needs our attention. We will work to resolve the issues that arise to the best of our ability. 

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