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Community Advisory Team (CAT)


Spokane International Academy's Community Advisory Team (CAT) serves in many of the same ways as a traditional PTO. This team is made up of dedicated individuals who have come together to create dynamic and engaging learning opportunities for our students through a variety of service opportunities. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Community Members, Friends, whatever the case may be, if you are connected to a student or staff member of the school and want to lend a hand or your expertise, we want you to be involved!

Current CAT Officers are:

President - Sara Duval

Vice President - Kristy Furley

Treasurer - Carie Weeks

Secretary - Erin Young

Communication Specialist - Carolyn Hyslop

The CAT is involved in the raising of funds to support the development of new, and sustain the existence of, innovative and engaging learning opportunities for students.

22-23 Meeting Dates


September 14 - Minutes

October 3 - 

November 7 - 

December 5 - Minutes

January 2 - Minutes

February 6 - Minutes

March 6 - 

April 10 - 

May 1 - 

June 5 - 

22-23 Activity Dates

Time: All CAT meetings will begin at 6:30 pm. 

Due to the ongoing COVID epidemic all meetings will be conducted virtually. Please use the following link to access the meeting:
Meeting ID: 849 3557 6347
Passcode: 846040

Please check Mrs. Flowers weekly newsletter for the link or email the cat team directly at



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