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SIA offers a limited number of opportunities for students to compete in athletics throughout the year. Below is the schedule of sports we plan to offer on an annual basis. 

Student-athletes that participate in athletics at SIA are seen in that order. Most of our staff participated in competitive sports programs in our school days and recognize the value that competition can have in refining and strengthening character. However, our athletes will be expected to perform strongly in the classroom, both behaviorally and academically, in order to earn the opportunity of competing on one of our teams. Students who struggle to do so will not be allowed to participate until they demonstrate a strong standing. We appreciate your understanding and equal commitment to the student-athlete philosophy.

Click HERE for the SIA Athletic Code


Cross Country (K-5th)

1st-6th graders will have the opportunity to participate in the Active 4 Youth cross country program. Students will practice after school twice per week and will have meets throughout the fall.

Cross Country (6th-8th)

7th and 8th graders will practice Monday-Thursday and participate in WIAA sanctioned competitions against other middle school programs in the area.


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